Discounts for the Holidays!

Just for the holiday season, my fellow authors and I who wrote the fifteen stories in the “Nine Streams of Consciousness” science fiction anthology, have discounted our book at Amazon.

The #scifi #anthology Nine Streams of Consciousness is on sale.

Kindle E-book is nearly 30% off
Paperback is 9% off (about as low as Amazon lets us go – I wish it could be more).

Get it as a gift for someone or, just get a copy to enjoy for yourself!

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If you read it, please be sure to leave a rating and/or review on Amazon or It helps our visibility on Amazon a lot if people leave us reviews and ratings!

Our First Review!

Our first Amazon review of “Nine Streams of Consciousness” is in! Thank you “Anne” – a reader in the UK somewhere. Five stars too. It is very nice to see she commented on the continuity that we worked so hard on to connect all our individual stories. I hope that makes our little anthology a little unique since they are stand alone stories but are connected more than just a common theme like most anthologies. We wanted it to read like a full length novel.

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From other comments I have heard, readers seem to “leave wanting more” after each story which I think is a good thing. Hopefully this little beginning will inspire all nine of us to go on to write more solo projects. I know my current work in progress will be a lot of fun and I look forward to getting it published in the near future.

The paperback version is due out in two weeks, at the end of April 2020

The Twitch Anthology – A Creative Stream

I began watching Drew Wagar’s Twitch stream on its second episode. He started out by teaching viewers the basics of good story telling, and his personal process of writing. Through his weekly streams I rediscovered a love for writing which I had set aside years ago. Soon I began to consider the personal challenge of writing a novel myself, but that seemed like an insurmountable mountain to climb.

Drew Wagar – Host of “The Twitch Anthology” – the Twitch stream that spawned a group of new writers who are about to publish a sci-fi anthology on Amazon entitled “Nine Streams of Consciousness”

Drew decided to offer a new challenge after we had gone through most of the basics of good writing. Rather than learning in a lecture / question and answer style presentation, he suggested we could collaborate on a sci-fi anthology. We could learn what it takes to create a book by participating in it hands-on. That was an easy choice for me. I was all in. The idea of contributing a short story or two, supporting each other under Drew’s guidance, and assembling and actually publishing a book was an exciting, reachable goal.

“The Twitch Anthology” Stream – Mondays 22:00 – 21:30 (UK time)

We began by brainstorming, envisioning new worlds, and creating a timeline of events into which our individual stories could be grounded. The goal was to write a series of independent short stories, told in our own personal styles, that could stand on their own – yet be interconnected in a grand plot.

Some of Drew’s high tech graphics and humor (or humour) is always showing as he encourages us to “Write On!”

We began the process of individually writing our first drafts. I read and re-edited my initial story over and over. Edit after edit, revision after revision, would I ever rid it of the flaws that popped up like weeds? We each experienced the challenge of critical review before our peers. It was a vulnerable feeling, but we realized the critiques came from someone who had our best outcome at heart. We learned to edit and integrate our stories together, to bridge the gaps, and connect them. We learned how to work together.

My favorite part of the creative process was seeing ways that we could insert references of events, places and characters into our stories, tying them together into a complete adventure. When we finally got them all assembled, we had a novel-length book.

Those of us who were new writers had no idea how much effort it would take. However, as I look back on what turned into a year and a half long project, I’m proud to have seen it through to completion. I know I have personally grown from the experience, and so have my fellow authors (wow, we can call ourselves authors now!) I worked with a great group of strangers from across the globe, strangers whom I now consider good friends.

Thanks Drew, for the inspiration and the willingness to share your gifts and skills.

Drew’s Author Website.

New Promo Videos

I created two promotional videos for our anthology and have been posting them on Facebook and Twitter. I am trying to walk the line between putting them out for marketing purposes and going overboard and spamming. Here they are for your viewing pleasure. Publish day is coming!

Promo Video # 1 for Nine Streams of Consciousness
Promo Video # 1 for Nine Streams of Consciousness

The Publish Date is Set

The publish date for our sci-fi anthology, Nine Streams of Consciousness is set! The plan is to release the e-book format for Kindle on Amazon – March 30, 2020, and in paperback book on April 27, 2020.

A collection of science fiction stories from new and established authors, brought together through the Twitch streaming platform.

I have four short stories in the book. All stories follow a collective timeline and overall story. So each of us wrote stories to fit into the timeline and move the overall plot forward . This is a bit different from other anthologies where the only connection between the stories is a common “theme”, but are otherwise all unconnected.

There was nothing left we wanted to discover.
Complacent, we turned inward.
We had given up on our quest to learn our place in the universe.

Then our hand was forced by fate.
A calamity unforeseen.

In the struggle to survive, would we lose ourselves in myth and ignorance, or seek the answer to the greatest question:
Are we alone?

Book Blurb

Our collaborative team of nine authors who are working on the anthology project spent time this week bashing about ideas for the book blurb.. the sell… the eye catcher for the back cover of the book and the description for Amazon. This is what we came up with:

A New Home, A New Challenge.

There was nothing left we wanted to discover. Complacent, we turned inward. We had given up on our quest to learn our place in the universe.

Then our hand was forced by fate.
A calamity unforeseen.

In the struggle to survive, would we lose ourselves in myth and wilful ignorance, or seek the answer to the greatest question: Are we alone?


What do you think? Will it interest readers?

…and Then There Were Four

We’re getting closer to a final draft edition of the sci-fi anthology we are planning to release on Amazon in a month or two. One thing we have been looking at is the flow and connections between the stories. Although the the stories are written by different authors and take on their own character, we want the overall book to have an overarching connection between the individual stories.

In the process of reviewing all the stories together we found a few places where we needed to build a bridge between a few stories. I had intended to just write the three stories I have already submitted, but I took up the task to write one of these bridge stories. So I am now going to have four short stories in the anthology.

We hope to have the book available for purchase on Amazon as a print-on-demand paperback and as an ebook for Kindle and other readers sometime in March of this year. Deadline is approaching! I better finish up this fourth story!