The Publish Date is Set

The publish date for our sci-fi anthology, Nine Streams of Consciousness is set! The plan is to release the e-book format for Kindle on Amazon – March 30, 2020, and in paperback book on April 27, 2020.

A collection of science fiction stories from new and established authors, brought together through the Twitch streaming platform.

I have four short stories in the book. All stories follow a collective timeline and overall story. So each of us wrote stories to fit into the timeline and move the overall plot forward . This is a bit different from other anthologies where the only connection between the stories is a common “theme”, but are otherwise all unconnected.

There was nothing left we wanted to discover.
Complacent, we turned inward.
We had given up on our quest to learn our place in the universe.

Then our hand was forced by fate.
A calamity unforeseen.

In the struggle to survive, would we lose ourselves in myth and ignorance, or seek the answer to the greatest question:
Are we alone?

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