Designing a Ship

The anthology, in which I’m going to have three stories in, needs a cover design. I’m playing around in Blender (3d computer rendering program) to create the colony ship that is part of several stories in our book. It might be used as part of the cover art… or might just be for my own entertainment. Here is what I created so far…

The colony ship Providence, which plays a role in several stories in our anthology.

My Three Short Stories

I have been involved with a small group of writers (about nine of us) for a little over a year now. Some are experienced, published authors, others are new writers like myself. Author Drew Wagar has been leading, directing and teaching us how to write and publish a book through this hands-on project. We designed a sci-fi timeline, back history, and star system in which each of us wrote one or more short stories. The stories are tied together by the overall timeline and presented chronologically in a single anthology novel.

Most anthologies I have seen are a group of stories that are unrelated except maybe by a common theme or topic. This should be a fun to read since they are all independent stories but will tell an overall larger tale as a complete book.

I was able to write one larger (10k word) story and two shorter stories, of a few thousand words each, for the project. It was a learning challenge and a lot of fun.

My three stories are entitled:
Off Target
• Shattered Worlds
• Justified Accidents

We are in the phase of final drafting, proofing, compiling, and creating cover art. The plan is to have it published as an e-book and print-on-demand paperback on Amazon in March of 2020!

Thank you Drew for teaching and leading us in this great project!