…and Then There Were Four

We’re getting closer to a final draft edition of the sci-fi anthology we are planning to release on Amazon in a month or two. One thing we have been looking at is the flow and connections between the stories. Although the the stories are written by different authors and take on their own character, we want the overall book to have an overarching connection between the individual stories.

In the process of reviewing all the stories together we found a few places where we needed to build a bridge between a few stories. I had intended to just write the three stories I have already submitted, but I took up the task to write one of these bridge stories. So I am now going to have four short stories in the anthology.

We hope to have the book available for purchase on Amazon as a print-on-demand paperback and as an ebook for Kindle and other readers sometime in March of this year. Deadline is approaching! I better finish up this fourth story!

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