I have taken up the challenge of writing 50,000 words in one month in the form of a first draft of a novel. I registered to participate in the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) annual challenge. I’d not even heard of this before despite it being an organization that is celebrating its twentieth year. (Yeah I am a noob).

I had a concept and a partial story idea already started, so I signed up late, and I’m going to give it a run and see how much I can get done during the month of November.

A quickie fake cover image for my yet t be written story, with working title only!

Shattered Worlds

I have my short story of about 10,000 words into the secondish draft editing phase. My little sci-fi story will be a part of an anthology book project which Drew Wagar started on his twitch creative stream.

His stream started last year with him teaching us the basics of writing a novel and getting it published. After a few months he had the idea that his stream followers might like to participate with a real writing project and proposed we collaborate on an anthology that we could have published on Amazon as a digital and paperback. We have 8 or 9 new and experienced authors participating. We spent a few months designing an overall backstory and Star System where our tales will take place.

So hopefully by Next December we will have an actual book published!

if you are interested in reading about Drew… here are some links:

Drew’s Website:

Our Twitch stream project:


The kinds of work I have done over the years has followed a progression, an evolving pathway that started with photography, led to print design, to writing and interviewing and added web design. This grew into website and interface design and inevitably led into the world of programming and database integration with web applications. In all that time I have loved the variety, but I find I am coming back to the thing I started with and enjoying imagery and writing again. These have been in the form of 3d modeling and redering, and in creative fiction writing. I am currently involved in a project with a few other aspiring authors of various experience seeking to collaborate on an anthology of sci-fi stories. We have been world building a place for these stories to come to life, and I have used my 3d design to bring some visualization to it as we start into the actual writing of our stories. I will post a few fun images here to tease a bit about the project.